About Pécs

This part of the world, named Pecs for a quite long time now, is viewed differently by  everyone.  The student, the tourist and the person who lives and works here all have their own unique opinion about this town.

There are those who might mention her many thousand years of history, her beginnings as the Roman Sopianae, her thousand year Christian tradition, her distinction as the site of the first Hungarian university, her 150 years of Turkish occupation, or her more recent contribution of world famous products.

While wandering her many parks others might contemplate that in this very place two thousand years ago  the trees cast their shade over another’s stroll.

Many would remark upon her atmospheric streets; her taverns, inns and cafes so conducive to resting and conversation in the heat of summer; or the ambience of wandering the Mecsek’s trails.

They could speak of the past inhabitants of Pecs or even of the one’s seen more recently.

A lot can be said of her inhabitants. Many stories could be told but perhaps it’s best to present Pecs in all her moods through photos.  The best experience is always personal.

The many photos on this page are for those who would like to “see” Pecs for themselves.
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