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Dear Visitor,

In 2010 Pecs will become the cultural capital of Europe. Relying on the help of our fellow residents we, the members of the civic organization known as “The Swallows of Pecs” have decided to seize this opportunity to set up a photo blog.

Numerous wonderful official brochures and illustrations of our town have celebrated the events of 2010. The purpose of our photo blog is to enhance the vision of Pecs created by these publications. In addition to all the well known tourist attractions our town has many secret treasures which can only be discovered by living here. We feel that by sharing these scenes with the world at large, a more personal vision of Pecs emerges. We hope that viewing these photos will encourage you to come and see not only the virtual but the breathing, living Pecs.

We present this photo blog not only to the world at large but to the inhabitants of our town as well. Many of us who live here, pass by numerous splendid and worthwhile sights without ever taking notice. This photoblog can serve to open our eyes and awaken our senses to the countless wonders surrounding us. We are truly fortunate to live in this, our town.

This photoblog serves a third purpose. We are a diverese group and see things in different ways. Our view of Pecs too is diverse. It will be exciting and a revelation to see how our unique vision of a building or a place is viewed by others, and how diverse these views can be. To see through the eyes of others is a truly enriching experience. Thank you for taking the time to visit pecs2u.eu. Please share your opinion and any suggestions with us. If you would like to share your comments with other visitors to our site, please use the “comment” key on the individual photo pages. If you wish to contact only The Swallows of Pecs please send us an E-mail.

Enjoy your virtual tour!

The Swallows of Pecs