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Should you think you have a nice photo on Pecs, on people living here around, or even on the vicinity of this old city, which you intend to share with „the World”, just feel welcome on board! The only thing to do is to send your pictures to our e-mail address.  

Please, take technical constraints into consideration, when sending us a photo to publish. Constraints are as follows:

- pictures have to be – if possible – of 1024 x 768 pixels format
- an explanatory message attached can not be longer than 300 characters
- titles for individual pictures can not be longer than 2×100 characters (Hungarian/English).

Besides sending us a photo, your other comments, critics, proposals are also welcome.

Should you have a message to be published to all visitors, please, use our „Comment” function on the webpages.  If your message is addressed to the editors only, please, send a simple email.  

We appreciate you to pay attention visiting our site!

„Swallows of Pécs”