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You may not know this, but fast ships like transports did not travel in convoys because they could outrun a submarine. There were all these old southern plantations with the big pillars in front that reached for the sky. The asdic operators reported the two torpedoes were clear of the ship and had passed astern. The Germans were very seasick at first, however were appreciative of hot water, which was not available aboard the submarine. Most guys were heading for Orlando to Disney World because it was Canadian Appreciation Week and the passes were free. I raced past the brow into the head and stood in front of the mirror trying to shave around all the cuts and scrapes on my face it looked pretty funny when I was done. Came together to leave him forever aware of what we have shared as a country.

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The West Coast ships went ahead first and algonquin, crescent and columbia, apparently not tired in the least after a 7,000-nautical-mile journey, gathered speed to race towards the harbor entrance with part-ship hands fallen. We had no sooner made the switch and Ganilly was taking up our former position when she struck a mine and broke in half. Forty odd years later Dad received a letter from the estate of this man who had passed away. And it was one of my best experience in the Navy, of all my time in the Navy. When I got to the shore I ran into some shipmates and stuck with them. The individual bravery and dedication of personnel were outstanding." The second was a segment written on the covering page of a media file that was compiled as a memorial for the dead and injured. It was May 15th we were finally permitted to enter harbour. It left an oil mark on the pavement wherever we went. I felt very fortunate to have met and talked to him. My wife had come to Halifax for a holiday. It was so hot, the guys on the gang planks that were hung over the sides to stand on feigned passing out and fell into the nice warm water. Churchill and had a response it was never established what happened. Military historians have wondered for years why the Canadians had more success than the Americans or the British and the only thing they have ever agreed upon is this: The Canadians were damn ready to go that day. There was so much to do in such a short time but we did what we could. They waved at us and we waved back. I got lost in the dark a couple of time trying to get to the. We were not allowed leave except on Wednesday from 1 pm to 7 pm and on Saturday from noon to midnight. I signed off the hmcs Iroquois before she sailed again. D'Aoust Is that it? To the left of us I could see a two storey house which looked unpainted and there were other buildings farther back. It was right beside the door to the asdic (antisubmarine detection) shack, so that every time we went to action stations, I could hear the asdic pinging as we tracked something submerged. On day, as we were return to our ship, were coming alongside another ship - I think it was a ship from Norway - the tugs engine throttle got stuck and the tugboat could not slow down all the way. In any case, Ansell disappeared as a railway station soon after Hitler's life ended in his bunker in the heart of Berlin. His memories, like most veterans are mixed, but mostly he speaks of the positive. These would shut off the fuel to the boilers and stop the steam flow to the still charging engines. Three of the men were convinced to leave.

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